About missadventure77

I’m your average confused 15 year old girl masquerading as a fabulous confident smart 30-something senior manager, mother, and general party-girl, hoping not to be found out.

I write about motherhood, relationships, careers, friendships, life…and anything along the way that occurs to, interests, baffles or annoys me. And I don’t write fiction: its ALL true, trust me.

If you are easily offended…please do let me know so I can write about it.

You know what though? We’re all just trying to get by in this baffling, exciting, traumatising world in the best way we can. And for me, the best way is to find the humour in any situation myself and my friends find ourselves in, be it silly, sad, enraging, or downright surreal…and then write about it.

The most I can hope for my posts are that they touch a chord, and are relatable…or at least provide some amusement.

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